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Ways To Reduce Your Next Auto Insurance Payment

How? By purchasing models that auto insurance companies love. But you will find ways to reduce rates no matter which model vehicle you drive. You are not likely to choose your brand-new vehicle exclusively based on just how much it’ll cost you to insure it. But when you keep close track of insurance charges, it can save you lots of money in reduced rates every single year.

Your car insurance premium is dependent on several factors–the make, model, and security features from the vehicle, your individual qualities, what lengths the vehicle is driven as well as for what purpose, and where the vehicle is garaged. These factors are utilized to determine the chance that you will have claims. The much more likely the claim, the greater your premium. You’ll clearly pay greater rates for driving a sporty model that’s costly to repair or at the top of a vehicle thief’s most-wanted list.

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Product Liability Tort Reform Benefits Consumers

Who benefits from product tort reform? You do

This summer, the Senate Commerce Committee approved a bill to reform the runaway costs of medical product liability. But bill sponsor Sen. John Danforth (R-MO) admits the bill is “very, very controversial” and will probably be pulled from the Senate floor without a final vote this year. A product liability reform bill could be very good for health care providers as well as product manufacturers, say experts. The high tort awards paid by manufacturers coupled with high-priced or unavailable product liability insurance are crippling technologicial developments and increasing supply prices.

Consider the following:

* A government interagency task force estimated that one out of every six manufacturers had eliminated at least one product line as a result of liability concerns.

* The development of new vaccines–inherently somewhat dangerous to human test subjects and to those vaccinated–is especially at risk. “Without some form of liability protection, California biotechnology firms, now in the forefront of AIDS research, may not be able to develop an AIDS vaccine,” says Thomas Merigan, M.D., a Stanford University professor. Reportedly, only a few biotech firms are now willing to take the risk of working on an AIDS vaccine unless state legislation alleviates the liability risk. Read More


Examining Dog Bites and Attacks

I saw a commercial on TV the other day while watching some college basketball that stated that out of all the domestic injures, dog bites were the leading cause. This makes sense due to the simple fact that there are millions of pet owners out there and even though taken for granted, they are still wild animals. There is do doubt about the companionship of a dog, but we have to remember that they still cause injuries and many at that. If you have a pet you need to know the repercussions to your actions and make sure that you follow all applicable pet laws. When a dog bites a person or attacks someone it can cause severe physical damage and it’s possible that you could be held financially responsible. Yup that’s right, you are held accountable for the actions of your dog in certain situations.

Dogs have been causing injuries for decades and many states have in-depth case law which has shaped the way that they treat liability. It’s nearly impossible to go over the laws state by state so check with you local government site regarding the laws in your area. Generally, animals which are seen as especially dangerous are treated differently. For example, lets say that you have a pet mountain lion. It’s going to be rather difficult to prove that you were unaware of the inherent risks involved in owing this particular breed of animal. Read More


The Basics of a Vehicle Accident

Car Accidents and Various Crash Statistics

Out of all the injury lawsuits brought about in the United States, car accidents and other similar accidents such as motorcycles, trucks, and bikes make up a large portion of all personal injury claims. The amount of drivers on the road is certainly not decreasing and this is the most logical explanation as to why there is a car accident in the USA every 9 seconds. Just think about how staggering that statistic really is. I’ve personally gone my whole life without being an auto accident and there are thousands every single day. This is a good reminder that you need to be informed about your legal rights should you ever be unfortunate enough to experience a car accident related injury. Even worse is that the resulting injuries from a traumatic injury can last years or even a lifetime.

Negligence Is King in Auto Accident Lawsuits

If you have never heard the word “negligence” before, you better start it to learn it well. This is usually the single most important aspect in every car accident lawsuit. Some states have negligence laws where it doesn’t matter who is at fault for the accident. Having said that, a majority of all states in the United States use a tort system where negligence is king. A driver who is operating an automobile or vehicle has the responsibility to use what is often referred to as reasonable care.

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Accomplice, Accessory, Alibi, O My

For this post I decided to choose out a few criminal defense terms and discuss them in some more detail. I feel that many people misinterpret these three terms (accomplice, accessory, and alibi) considering they are pretty similar in nature. As far as legal definitions and repurcussions, they vary greatly and it’s important to know what the differences really are between these terms. You will most likely never need to put this information into action, but you never know.

What is the Difference Between an Accomplice and an Accessory?

Even if you are not involved with the commission of a crime, it is possible that you can be charged as an accomplice to the other individual that did commit a crime. If you are being accused or charged with being an accomplice, you should contact a criminal defense attorney who can help protect your rights. Many people confuse the terms accomplice and accessory because the definitions are very similar. An accessory does not necessarily need to be present at the scene of the crime, but an accomplice is always present at the scene of the crime. Read More